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[Review] Every Day – David Levithan

von Franzi S.
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A wakes up every morning in a different body. Every day he has to live in a stranger’s body until A is whisked away at midnight. There is never any warning about where or who it will be. He made peace with that and established some guidelines. Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere. Until he wakes up in Justin’s body, the boyfriend of Rhiannon an he falls in love with her.

„The body is the easiest thing to adjust to, if you’re used to waking up in a new one each morning. It’s the life, the context of the body, that can be hard to grasp.“ (S. 1)


It is amazing how David Lethian is able to pose a teen. He made me feel like I was reading A’s diary. A is a wonderfully developed character and I liked every single person he inhabited. I can remember nearly all of them. All of them are sixteen but all of them are so different. The book provides such a huge diversity. A inhabited the bodies of boys and girls of lots of different sexual orientations, so many different personalities and lives. I liked Rhiannon to. But I think she believed A to quickly, that was very naive.

„I only have a day to give – so why can’t it be a good one?“ (S. 11)


A is the main character. A, who has no family, no future, no past, no friends, no home.

„I will never have a family to grieve for me. I will never have people feel about me the way they feel about Marc’s grandfather. I will not have the trail of memories that he’s left.“ (S. 265)

The book is something like a diary. It contains snapshots of A’s life. At first they all seem a bit random, but it makes sense at the very end of the book. The main story is the love between A and Rhiannon, which is pure and beautiful. What makes this book really special is, that it’s not like all the other love stories I ever read. The most part of the falling-in-love between A and Rhiannon takes part when they are separated. An there is little to no physical contact between them. And that’s why it was just perfect.

The book is written form A’s point of view. Its written in the perfect teen voice, down to the point and easy to follow and at the same time deep and meaningful. A has lot’s of time to think about the most fundamental questions concerning human beings. The book throws up lot’s of important questions such as: What defines who you are? Could it be, that gender is a silly concept? And what about sexuality? Is it better, if you life in the same body every day, experience everything the whole way through? Or is it better to experience so many different things as A does?

So many questions I tried to answer for myself. So many questions everyone should ask them while reading the book and while going through live.

The end is very sad and beautiful at the same time. It is the perfect ending to such a perfect book. I am thankful that David Lethian decided on this end. It left me there standing and wanting more. I wanted the book to carry one forever.

 „In my experience desire is desire, love is love. I have never fallen in love with a gender. I have fallen for individuals.“ (S. 142)

Every Day is a wonderful book. A book about love and life. About tolerance, accepting who you are and who others are. Respecting every single person, their live, their sexual orientation and trying to walking in other people’s shoes before judging them. And it is also a book about enjoying live, enjoying every single day on earth. Because you’ll never know what comes next, you’ll never know what the next day will bring and how long you’re going to live.


David Levithan was born in 1972 and is an American young-adult fiction author and editor. His first book was Boy Meets Boy and was published in 2003. He wrote many books and also is an editorial director at Scholastic Corporation. Find out more about him and his books on his website:

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